Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oasis and Pinocchios

We ate out twice! this weekend. Friday Nights was Oasis, Queens Road, Norwich. This is a fairly new curry house in Norwich. It is in a converted chapel, open up to the ceiling with a gallery bar round the edge on the second floor. Decor is modern. We had two chicken dishes of course! I will try and remember their names in future now I am writing a blog! Was a bit more expensive than the usual curry house, but the athmosphere was great and was a good setting for a more romantic curry! Definately recommend it!
Pinocchio's, St Benedicts, Norwich used to be a bit pants before its fire, but they have so upped their game... don't know whether they have a new chef, but it has to be one of the best italians I've been to in the UK. I had artichokes in tempera, whic was actually a bit more like noraml batter, so a bit greasy. Mr. Frog had the antipasti plate, which was fabulous with about 4 different kinds of meats, various roast veg, cheese and ciabatta. For mains I had the lamb ragu papperdrelle, which had so much flavourr and was so tender, and Mr. Frog had the Wild boar. I've had it before - it is so yummy. You get this massive hunk of meat, with really caramelly roast veg on the side and smooth mash on the side. Dessert was hazelnut semifreddo to share - Jamie Oliver tastic. The caramel sauce was so delicious - and semifreddo is a hassle to make so its just the thing to have out, especially when it is as yummy as this. With a bottle of wine between us, it came to about £60. hAS TO BE MY NEW FAVOURITE RESTAURANT! They do really cheap lunchtine pasta and pizza too

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