Monday, May 07, 2007

Breadmaker Naan Bread

This is the best breadmaker recipe I've found for naan. I've tried several! Its adapted from "The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook" by Jennie Shapter. I served it with a chicken and lentil curry.

100ml water
60ml natural yoghurt
280g white bread flour
5ml cumin seeds
1 tsp salt
2 tsp runny honey
1 tbsp melted butter, and extra for brushing
1 tsp dried yeast

Pour the water and yoghurt in to the bread machine pan.
Sprinkle over the flour ensuring that covers the liquid completely. Add half the cumin seeds
Add the salt, honey and the tbsp melted butter, then add the dried yeast.
Set the bread maker to the dough setting and start.
When the cycle has finished, preheat your oven to the highest setting and place 3 baking trays in the oven to heat up. Remove the dough from the bread machine and place on a lightly floured surface.
Knock down the dough. Dived the dough in to 3 equal pieces.
Shape each piece in to a ball then roll out. A teardrop shape looks authentic. Sprinkle the rest of the cumin seeds on top.
preheat the grill to its highest setting. Place the naan on a the preheated baking sheets and bake the naan for 4-5 minutes until puffed up. Place the naans under the grill for a minute until the naans starts to brown and blister.
Brush the naan with melted butter and serve warm.

Garlic and coriander naan- add chopped garlic to dough before making, then layer fresh coriander in when kneading

Peshwari naan – sprinkle coconut and raisins on top before cooking then spread with butter.


Holler said...

Good idea! My breadmaker has been languishing in a cupboard for the last year, but I think I will bring it out ot try this!

Mrs Frog said...

Let me know how it goes!

alan said...

great recipe - tried it today and my kids (usually nan haters) loved it.

Lenbok said...

We have made breadmaker naan bread before from a recipe on the net, but just tried your recipe now. We skipped the cumin as we didn't have any on hand, but did a couple as garlic and one peshwari. Definitely the best recipe we've done so far!

Nerua said...

Thank you very much for this recipe. We made it last night and it was excellent. We've tried many, many naan recipes and this really was the best. We use our bread machine every week and this is another welcome addition

Mike said...

the recomendations I'm trying your recipe

Love Naan but never made my own, but tonight I will betrying the results

Can you freze the dough?

Adrian said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing with the world, I've been making from this recipe for 6 months and never tire.

Mrs Frog said...

I've not tried freezing the dough. I have frozen pizza dough without problems before though.

Carolyn said...

Sounds brilliant so will put it to the test in my new breadmaker this coming weekend

Anonymous said...

Mrs Frog - brilliant naan recipe. We used it here in Fife, Scotland tonight with the family and everyone really enjoyed the naan with my son's chicken curry. Many thanks. Derek & Debs

Anonymous said...

Awesome recipe, I use a double batch in my Breville. This naan is stunning. I have only tried one other recipe but this is so much better I don't need to look for another. Thank you!